Milo Burcham Photography


Milo Burcham Photography
I am a wildlife biologist working for the U.S. Forest Service in Cordova, Alaska.  I have now lived here, on beautiful Prince William Sound for over 14 years, and in western Montana for the 20 years previous to that.  Although most of my research has been with ungulates, especially moose and elk, I have worked with a wide variety of species, including bristle-thighed curlews on a remote Pacific Island, owls in the mountains of Montana, and grizzly and black bears in both Montana and British Columbia.  These experiences have helped me develop an interest in all wildlife and allowed me to spend a lot of time outdoors. They have also alerted me to many conservation issues and the importance of how humans interact with wildlife.

I have photographed wildlife for over 20 years and published images in National Geographic, Audubon Magazine, Ranger Rick, Time, Sports Afield, Outdoor Life, Alaska Airlines and many other local, national, and international publications.  I was invited to photograph wildlife on China's remote Tibetan Plateau in 2002 and returned with BBC in 2005,  with a crew working on the television series Planet Earth. I have also spent time in the Rocky Mountains, desert southwest, Florida's wetlands, and rainforests of Costa Rica.

I try to photograph just about everything that lets me, but have particular interest in illustrating the wide variety of animal life near where I live, documenting lesser photographed species, and those with conservation concerns.  My photographs feature almost exclusively wild subjects.  The only exceptions are mice, voles, and shrews which I have live trapped and then released.  Some reptiles and amphibians have also been handled as well.  I use digital editing to improve exposure, saturation, and contrast to get the greatest impact from a photograph, but do not alter any subject matter.

My wife, Paula, and I married in August 1999.  Paula ( is an artist and when she's not accompanying me on photo trips, she works on various freelance projects.  Paula has painted on movie sets, including Silence of the Lambs, Red Dragon, and TV programs such as Mister Roger's Neighborhood.   How's that for diversity!  We spend as much of our time as possible in our small boat on Prince William Sound fishing for halibut and salmon or looking for whales and bears.  We also like to hike, ski, ice skate, hunt, and travel.

Coincidentally (or not!), my brother, John (, is also a photographer, specializing in climbing and outdoor recreation.  His images have graced the cover of National Geographic (January 2006), and appeared in National Geographic Adventure, Climbing, Rock and Ice, and Backpacker.   He has done assignment work for Mountain Hardware, Patagonia, IMAX and others.  For a well told story of one of his epic adventures (a 650 mile traverse of the Alaska Range), illustrated with music and his photos, check out this link: Dirtbag Diaries - "No Big Deal" (large download but worth the wait).

Contact Information:
P.O. Box 2511
Cordova, Alaska 99574